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Announcement for a Price Drop  
Dairy Herd Lab announces that the following items are available for sale to all dairies at the following competitive prices, delivered free to your dairy:
Latex Exam Gloves: BOX CASE OF 10
Latex Medical Exam Gloves lightly Powdered. $5.50 $55.00
Powder free Latex Exam Gloves (Premium Quality) $6.99 $69.90
Non-Latex Gloves: BOX CASE OF 10
Powder free Non-Latex Vinyl Gloves (Premium Quality) $4.50 $45.00
Powder free Non-Latex Gloves Tri-Poly Gloves (Premium Quality) $4.95 $49.50
Nitrile Exam Gloves (100% Nitrile): BOX CASE OF 10
Premium Nitrile Exam Gloves Powder free. $7.50 $75.00
Premium Nitrile Industrial Gloves, Powder Free. $6.99 $69.90
- Teat blade, autoclaves ready to use, individually wrapped. $5.50 ea.
- Heavy-duty vet. Ring top thermometer dual scale w/plastic case. $6.50 ea.
Dear Dairymen:
Our goal is to provide you with the best services and best quality products to help you do better and most importantly save you some expenses. We are looking forward to hearing from you, serving you and saving you money.