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Dairy Herd Laboratory (DHL) offers All Dairies the following price option to process their individual & bulk milk samples for mastitis:

$1.75 /individual sample on BAP or Mycoplasma.
$3.50 /individual sample on both media BAP & Mycoplasma.
$6.00 /bulk sample for Mycoplasma test only.
$25.00 /bulk sample for complete tank analysis.

And DHL will provide everything like:
  1. The lab. service.
  2. The tubes & labels for Free. Shipping the tubes and labels for Free.
  3. Picking up the samples for Free, (for Arizona only)
  4. Free shipping (We pay the shipping cost for samples from outside the state of Arizona.)
  5. Specialty and enhanced media to detect for mastitis or Mycoplasma.
  6. Get your lab. results on the Internet, customize & sort your report the way you like for Free.
  7. Send lab. results by fax to the dairy if you have no access to the Internet.
  8. Send a copy of your lab. results to your veterinarian upon your request.

  1. Dairy Herd Lab. provides the lab service only, and that means your veterinarian still your mastitis consultant and your veterinary service provider.
  2. Dairy Herd Lab. provides top quality culture tubes; they do not crack or leak due to the super flexibility and good caps. We pay extra to get these quality tubes.
  3. We carry very special media to detect the type of bacteria we are looking for. That includes blood agar plates with washed bovine blood, which works perfectly with bovine mastitis.
  4. When we have suspicious lab. results, we do further testing to determine the type of bacteria at NO extra cost to the client. If ,however the veterinarian requests serological typing we send it to other labs. with extra cost to the clients.
  5. We have the ability to process whole herd samples.
  6. We are specialized in processing pen or string samples.
  7. We do complete bulk tanks samples including SPC, Coliform, LPC, Mycoplasma and SCC.
  8. We process fecal samples in our lab. for parasites & Coccidiosis or for bacterial work to detect for Coliform or salmonella.
  9. We process water samples in our lab. to check for bacteria as well.
  10. We do send blood samples to other labs. to check for Johnes, IBR, BVD, BLV & other Viral diseases.
  11. We are looking forward to have your business and help you all the way we can, please give us a call if you have any questions.