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Dairy Herd Laboratory
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Mastitis & Milk Quality Lab.

** Samples will be sent to subcontracted Labs. Specialized in Virology testing depending on what type of test is requested.

We are dedicated to all dairymen. We can help control mastitis and health problems at your dairy to increase your profits.

We provide the following free of charge: Compare our prices:

Type of Test Dairy Herd Lab Other Labs
Individual milk sample for BAP 2.00 3.50
Individual milk sample for Myco 2.00 3.50
Complete bulk tank w/ SCC 25.00 35.00
Complete bulk tank w/o SCC 20.00 30.00
Pen or String sample: 1 test 5.00 10.00
Pen or String sample: 2 tests 10.00 15.00
Pen or String sample: 3 tests 15.00 20.00
Bulk tank or String for Myco screening only 6.00 10.00
Blood sample for Johnes Elisa test 4.95 15.00
Water sample for bacteria 6.00 8.00
Fecal sample for bacteria or Salmonella 5.00 8.00
Fecal sample for both bacteria & Salmonella 10.00 16.00
Fecal sample for Parasites & Coccidiosis 5.00 8.00
Antibiotic Sensitivity Test 25.00 30.00
Coliform Typing by Enterotube-II 15.00 N/A
Milk sample Antibiotic Test 8.00 N/A
Milk Sample Aflatoxin Test 18.00 20.00
Goat milk sample for BAP 2.50 8.00
Goat milk sample for Mycoplasma 2.50 8.00
Goat Bulk Milk Sample w/SCC 30.00 40.00

Savings are bottom line to increase your profits and make your cows healthier and happier.

We appreciate your business. If you have any question please give us a call.